Affiliate PROGRAM

Last updated November 19, 2023

Join our Affiliate Program and Earn!

As an Affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to earn an initial referral commission of 10.0% and a lifetime commission of 10.0% on our Madzine, Special and Collection Magazine Publications.

Retain Your Customers: Our policy dictates that the initial Affiliate who referred a customer is credited for any subsequent purchases made by that individual. If multiple Affiliates refer the same person, only the first individual to make the referral will receive credit for any resulting purchases. We strive to maintain fairness and transparency in all aspects of our affiliate program and appreciate the efforts of all our valued partners. Your affiliate ID will be automatically linked to the referred customer.

Lifetime Commissions: By engaging in customer referral, you can earn Lifetime Commissions. This signifies that you will receive commissions for all future purchases made by the referred customers. Notably, the referring Affiliate is automatically linked with the customer at the referral point, thus guaranteeing the commissions. The affiliate portal shows all your lifetime customers. The data is anonymized to protect sensitive customer information.

To earn lifetime commissions, you must refer new customers to our platform. We want to clarify that our referral program does not apply to existing clients who have already placed orders with us. We value and protect the privacy of all our customers and ensure that every referral is managed with utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

Affiliate links: Unlock your full earning potential as an affiliate by utilizing the powerful built-in link generator in the Affiliate Portal to generate referral links quickly.

Payout Options: You can receive payment directly to your PayPal account or have your commission added as store credit at either where you can use the credit towards collectable Madness CDs, Vinyl and Tapes or here on to be used towards our Madzine magazines and books.

Following the 45-day Referral grace period, our minimum payout threshold is set at $5.00. This waiting period is in place to ensure our compliance with our store refund policy, which is designed to protect our customers and prevent overpayment of referral commissions before our liability to issue refunds for any original purchases.

Commissions Structure:

Our lifetime program will earn you a 10% commission rate, you will receive commissions for all future purchases made by the referred customers.

Our subscription renewal referral rate will earn you a 10% commission which is used when calculating subscription renewals. The initial purchase of the subscription uses the regular commission rate just like any other product. Only the renewals use the recurring referrals rate of 10%.

Our quarterly and special Madzine magazines will earn you a 10% commission rate that is used when calculating referral amounts.

Our Madzine book publications will earn you a 10% commission rate that is used when calculating referral amounts.

Important: Commissions exclude Shipping and Taxes, the referral amount will not include the taxes and shipping that are charged to customers.

Complete Control Over Your Referral Program

For starters, how about your dashboard to manage your affiliate program?

  • Dashboard – The purchases or conversions that have been linked to your referring source.
  • Referrals – The purchases or conversions that have been associated with your links and coupons.
  • VisitsVisits from your customers that you have sent using your referral link.
  • Payouts -Displays all your payouts which have been paid out to you.
  • Landing Pages – The pages listed below are designated as your landing pages. Any traffic directed to these pages, as well as any resulting orders, will be credited to you. If you would like one, please work with us to add one for you.
  • Store Credits – You can view your store credit balance, redeem your credits, and track all past credit transactions from this page.
  • Lifetime Customers – You can view all of your lifelong customers in this section. They have the potential to refer others to you when they make purchases.