Madness: Chrissy Boy interviewed on Talking to Mod

by | Issue Four, Madzine - Chrissy Boy interviewed on Talking to Mod

Chrissy Boy was interviewed on Talking to Mod

NuttySounds.comIn this interview, Chrissy Boy from Madness shares a wealth of information about his experiences in the band, upbringing in the 70s, musical influences, and the upcoming release of Madness’s new album later this year.

Chris recently discussed Madness’ new album and expressed gratitude for owning their back catalogue. In the past, Madness has sold the rights to its back catalogue to various record labels, who have typically exploited the material for financial gain. However, they have recently sold the rights to BMG, resulting in a wave of CD and vinyl re-releases set to come out in 2022 and 2023.

In the most recent contract agreement, BMG demonstrated their generosity by providing a significant sum of money to the band, Madness, to facilitate the recording of a new album. In response, Madness took action and rented a spacious warehouse in the bustling district of Cricklewood, situated in the vibrant city of London, UK. The band members eagerly began creating and composing new songs.

NuttySounds.comI thoroughly enjoyed participating in this project and receiving input from everyone involved. We compiled a comprehensive list of potential tracks for the album. During the process, Madness teamed up with a highly skilled sound engineer, Matt Glasbey, who has an impressive background working with renowned artists such as Peter Gabriel. Matt’s proficiency in music production has allowed him to excel in various genres, including Electronic, Rock, Indie, Psych-Rock, and Classical music. It was an incredible collaboration, and together, they produced three exceptional songs that will surely captivate the fans.

Madness recently completed the recording of 19 tracks, which includes a combination of old and new songs. The tracks are deemed to be of exceptional quality by Chris himself. The collection features new compositions by Thompson/Foreman and Barson/Thompson. Furthermore, Chris has personally contributed some edgier lyrics and music to the collection, which includes the classic Madness tune “Run for your life.” Fans of the band are sure to appreciate this addition.

The upcoming album ‘C’est La Vie’ boasts a total of 14 tracks and is scheduled to hit the shelves on November 17th, 2023. For those who can’t wait to get their hands on the new tunes, a deluxe version featuring the full 19 tracks may also be offered.

This article was written and researched by Darren Bowen (c) 2023. (excerpts interpreted from the Podcast: Magic Mod Podcast S1 E8.)


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Taken from Madzine (Issue Four)

Madness: Chrissy Boy interviewed on Talking to Mod


In this interview Chrissy Boy from Madness shares a wealth of information about his experiences in the band his upbringing in the 70s, his musical influences and the upcoming release of the new Madness album later this year.
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Written by Darren Bowen

For over 40 years, I have been a passionate fan of Madness, collecting their music and memorabilia with passion and dedication. Over time, my expertise and knowledge of the band have grown, and I am now widely recognized as a foremost authority on all things Madness.

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