Madness: Don’t Quote Me On That

by | Issue Five, Madzine
Experience a journey back to the early 1980s, an era filled with captivating music and hidden treasures. ‘Don’t Quote Me On That’ adorned the music scene in not just one, but three mesmerizing versions. These mixes, concealed by history for over four decades, have left even the most devoted enthusiasts puzzled. Have you ever stumbled upon the enigmatic Japanese 12″ mix? It remains a mystery that has eluded music lovers for years. Let’s also not forget the ill-fated attempt in 2003 to unveil the original Hot Biscuit Promo mix for the Singles Box Vol. 1, which ended in disappointment. Since then, no one has dared to venture into its release again. It’s time to unlock the hidden legends and unravel the mysteries within the remarkable world of music history.
I highly recommend checking out these three exceptional music mixes that are a must-listen.

(Mix 1) Work, Rest & Play EP (BUY 71) (approx 4:32)

“It’s All Eggs Bacon Beans and a Fried Slice” with a full piano intro then kicks in with all instrumentation mixed into the entire track. It ends with a “Are you sure…” echo to fade (no guitar).

(Mix 2) 12″ Hot Biscuit Promo (MAD-1) (approx 3:59)

“It’s All Eggs Bacon Beans and a Fried Slice” with (edited) piano intro then kicks in with just bass and drums, sax and organ kicks in at 30 seconds, the guitar comes in at 55 seconds, but the mix holds Mikes piano until 1:29 minutes into the track. It ends with “are you sure” dead stop, with guitar, echoed to fade.

(Mix 3) Japanese 12″ Grey Day (VIP-5912) (approx 3:56)

“It’s All Eggs Bacon Beans and a Fried Slice” with (edited) piano intro then kicks in much the same as the hot biscuit mix with just bass and drums, sax and organ kicks in at 30 seconds, the guitar comes in at 50 seconds, the mix still holds Mikes piano until 1:29 minutes into the track. It ends with “Are you sure…” echos to fade (no guitar).

There exist three distinguishable mixtures that we should take into account. To further elaborate, let’s examine various editions with these mixes. It is important to note that I won’t be able to cover every single release that “Don’t Quote Me On That” appears in this document; however, I will update it with additional information over time.

Here We Go… here we go!

  • 7″ – Spain, Work Rest & Play (MO 1941) – Mix 2
  • 7″ – Portugal, Work Rest & Play (BUY 71 NP) – Mix 1
  • 7″ – Australia, Work Rest & Play (K 7868) – Mix 2
  • 7″ – Germany, Night Boat to Cairo (6.12777) – Mix 2 
  • CD – The Singles Box Vol. 1 (MADBOX 3) – Mix 1 (twice, disc 4 & 5)
  • CD – The Business (MADBOX 1) – Mix 1
  • CD – One Step Beyond (SALVOMDCD02) – Mix 1
  • Digital – Absolutely Beyond Compare – Mix 1
  • CD – Take It Or Leave It (SALVOSVX010) – Mix 1
  • CD – Forever Young (SALVOCD052) – Mix 1

Let’s examine the initial Hot Biscuit Promo (Mix 2) that was planned for release somehow. However, the endeavour was a total flop; the mix has yet to be made available in any format.

The journey of Madness’s Singles Box Vol. 1 was an audacious attempt to recreate the magic encapsulated in each of their singles, leading up to the iconic Cardiac Arrest. One particular gem that fans eagerly awaited was the legendary 12″ Hot Biscuit Promo. Alas, fate had a cruel twist in store, as Mix 1 made not just one, but two appearances – on disc 5 for the recreated 12″ Hot Biscuit Promo and on disc 4 for the recreated Work, Rest, Play.

It felt like an eternal cycle of Mix 1 haunting us. But fear not, dear fans, as there is a glimmer of hope shining through the mist of disappointment – the beacon of Mix 3 graces the coveted Japanese 12″ Grey Day (VIP-5912). Rest assured, our dreams of encountering Mix 3, the holy grail, are beckoning us with a promise of pure musical bliss.

Madzine (Issue Five, 2024)

Taken from Madzine (Issue Five)

Madness: Don’t Quote Me On That


Let me transport you back to the early 1980s, a truly captivating era when Dont Quote Me On That existed in not just one but three compelling versions. History has concealed the knowledge of these mixes, leaving them shrouded in obscurity for over four decades.
Madzine Author

Written by Darren Bowen

For over 40 years, I have been a passionate fan of Madness, collecting their music and memorabilia with passion and dedication. Over time, my expertise and knowledge of the band have grown, and I am now widely recognized as a foremost authority on all things Madness.

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